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Life Is Like A Harbor Where Ships Come And Go

(Blogger’s Note—This is a rerun of a post I like to run from time-to-time. Thanks for reading Texas Liberal.)

Life is like a harbor where ships come and go.

Some ships come early in the day.

Others arrive late.

Some ships stay just a brief time.

A few are looking for a port to call home.

Some come and go many times.

Some harbors are serene.

Others are more busy.

As the day progresses, traffic may diminish.

Though a sense that a harbor is safe, or in some other sense good and useful, may mean traffic and activity never fully cease until the day is over at last.

If what is left for the most part are good memories, then the voyage has reached a successful end.

In these regards, I would say that life is like a harbor where ships come and go.

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Fundraiser For Houston Councilmember Melissa Noriega—A Temporary Reply To The Brevity Of Life

Houston City Councilmember Melissa Noriega is having a fundraiser on Thursday, February 18.

This event will be held between 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM on that day in the Cambridge Room of the House of Blues at 1204 Caroline.

Here is the Facebook page for this event.

I’ll not be able to attend this event because  I will be in Ohio that day. I will though send a donation.

Above you see a picture I took of Councilmember Noriega at a recent Martin Luther King parade in Houston.

There she is greeting the people.

I’m often reluctant to be friends in any meaningful way with politicians or with people connected to politics.

As a political blogger with some audience in a city where few take part in politics, there is a path a person could take to knowing people in local politics.

I did that once in life in another city, and I’m not sure I want to do it again. Relationships founded in politics are somewhat transactional in my view.

Life is brief and I want longstanding friendships that place loyalty at the top of the virtues that the friends involved value in one another.

Longtime friendships in a world where life is brief and brutal offer at least a temporary reply to the brevity of life.

Despite these things, I have struck up a measure of friendship with politician Melissa Noriega. I feel she is someone you can support with the confidence that the people of Houston are being well-served with thoughtful and compassionate leadership.

Here is Ms. Noriega’s City of Houston web home.

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