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How Shall I Receive My Guest?

I have a guest coming over to my home in about an hour.

My friend will come over and then he and I will go out to lunch.

Though his visit will be brief, it is important that I receive my guest in a correct fashion.

Here is a blog called Wilderness Thoughts that suggests prayer be part of receiving a guest.

Wilderness Thoughts also offers up an excerpt from the rules of the Order of St. Benedict on how a guest should be greeted when visiting the monks—

Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 53, “The Reception of Guests.” vv.3-5)
“Once a guest has been announced, the superior and the brothers are to meet him with all the courtesy of love. First of all, they are to pray together and thus be united in peace, but prayer must always precede the kiss of peace because of the delusions of the devil.”

Here is a blog called Ritual Life which discusses greeting guests in Hebrew and with Jewish blessings.

From that site—

Hosts–Blessed are you who have come!

Guests–Blessed are you who are here!

I like that.

Here are ideas on receiving guests from some kind of Zen website  I found—

Chao-chou explained, “You know, I have three ways of receiving guests. Superior guests, I receive in bed with my original face. Ordinary guests, I receive politely in the guest room. Inferior guests, I receive at the main gate with conventional formalities.

Below is an illustration of an important guest being greeted. I like this as well

The Helium web site has an article on how best to welcome guests.

From this article—

Guests require the following three things:
-Washroom access
(and, in some cases a bed)

Well—My friend will be here for only a few minutes. Though I have planned the entertainment of showing him all the many books I have in my computer room. Is an act of vanity a form of entertainment?

I must move on now to prepare myself for my guest. As I take my leave, may I suggest you consider purchasing a copy of the excellent Miss Manners Guide To Excruciatingly Correct Behavior. I read this book when it came out in 2005 and I still refer to it from time-to-time.  Here is a review of Correct Behavior.

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