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Martin Luther King Died Helping Working People

Above is a picture of a City of Houston garbage truck that I took at a Houston Martin Luther King parade two weeks ago.

The truck has a sign noting that Reverend King died while helping striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee.

We should recall Reverend King died helping average working people just like you and me.

All work has value. All working people merit respect. When you don’t respect working people, it is as if you don’t respect yourself.

The fact that so many people don’t respect themselves helps explain in part why this society is so messed-up.

How can they respect others when they do not respect themselves?

Here is my Martin Luther King Reading  & Reference List. It is the best such resource on the web.

A book about Reverend King in Memphis is Going Down Jericho Road—The Memphis Strike, Martin Luther King’s Last Campaign. This book is by Michael K. Honey.

I can’t include Jericho Road in my King list since I have not yet read the book, but it is well-reviewed.

Here is the Facebook page of the City of Houston Solid Waste Management division.

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  1. Education is the foundation of the civil society; however
    • As long as we function in the ‘politically correct’ mode and insist that everyone has to go through academically inclined High School and now even College, we have to continue to lower the standards – we lost the top long time ago, and we will never catch the bottom
    • In the process, what are we doing to those students, who are not academically inclined – we destroy their self-esteem and totally de-value the trades, and then wonder where are the electricians, carpenters, mechanics, plumbers etc

    Comment by Longtime Texan | February 1, 2010

  2. You have to remember that King wasn’t killed until after he started organizing WHITE people to fight oppression. Organizing black people was bad enough, but was believed so just that many cities in the South jumped on the bandwagon: Nashville caved early to the boycott and Houston had its Strange Demise of Jim Crow.

    But, oh no, you make this as much about class as race, you gotta die

    Comment by Bacopa | February 6, 2010

  3. Longtime Texan—I have long thought that vocational training has fallen into an unfair disrepute.

    Bacopa—King was very focused on issues of poverty. Especially at the end of his life–Though it was always a focus. If he had lived you can bet–as you suggest–that the opposition to him would have become even more intense.

    Thanks for both comments.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 6, 2010

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