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Top Texas Political Bloggers Oppose Federal Spending Freeze

Top progressive bloggers from across Texas issued a statement in response to President Obama’s State of the Union address cautioning the President to avoid implementing a federal spending freeze.  While these bloggers maintain their support of their President and their Democratic candidates, they reject the notion that a spending freeze is a valid solution for working Americans in this time of economic crisis.

“A spending freeze is foolish,” said Trey McAtee, an Austin-based blogger who writes under the pseudonym of  ‘McBlogger.’  “It is not in line with the ideals of President Obama’s supporters, and as progressive bloggers we’re here to make sure he knows that.”

These members of the Texas Progressive Alliance, a coalition of progressive Texas bloggers formed in 2007, call on President Obama to reconsider his plans for a spending freeze and instead focus on restoring the confidence that businesses have in the future.

( In addition to this posting, my friend and fellow TPA member Perry Dorrell of Brains & Eggs had additional comments. Paul Krugman at the New York Times agrees that the spending freeze is a dumb gimmick is a dumb stuntThe TPA posts a weekly round-up that I normally post here on weekends. This week though I’ll send you to my friends at South Texas Chisme for the round-up.)

The following individual statements were issued:

“The economy is still in a precarious and fragile state, even today.  The deficit hawks in Congress have decided to willfully ignore reality and opted instead to play politics on the issue of the deficit.  They’re making demands that, if the President accedes, will lead to a long lasting economic malaise.”

— Trey McAtee of McBlogger (http://www.mcblogger.com)

“The spending freeze will likely affect those who need it the most during this difficult time in our economy.  Throughout his campaign, Obama criticized his opponent’s calls for a spending freeze, calling it a ‘hatchet when we need a scalpel.’  The only difference progressives see now between Obama and McCain’s platform is that Sarah Palin isn’t standing next to him.”

— Rachel Farris of MeanRachel (http://www.meanrachel.com)

“During his candidacy, President Obama promised to overhaul immigration early in his first term. However, many immigrant rights advocates fear Obama’s spending freeze will put a halt to any type of immigration reform. Any further delay to fix the broken immigration system and this nation will continue to see the devastation of thousands of families and neighborhoods.”

— Edmundo Rocha of Para Justicia y Libertad(http://xicanopwr.com/)

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