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My Hope For The State Of The Union Address This Evening

File:Ford Rocky and Albert in Congress.jpg

My hope for the State of the Union speech this evening is that President Obama stays the course on health care reform, and that he speaks to the American people in an adult way about the realities of a changing economy and the need for government to play a part in helping Americans with jobs, education and home ownership.

(Above–President Gerald Ford of Michigan giving State of the Union in 1975. Seated to the right is House Speaker Carl Albert of Oklahoma. On the left is Vice President Nelson Rockefeller of New York.)

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Is The Boy With The Cold Hard Cash Always Mr. Right?

A few days ago I heard the Madonna song “Material Girl”

(Above–A scene from the video to Material Girl.)

One line in the song is–“The boy with the cold hard cash is always Mr. Right.”

Do I agree with this viewpoint?

Should you agree with this viewpoint?

In my opinion, you should not concur with this stance.

We should like and love people based on their merits.

We should look hard past superficial qualities to see people as they are.

Life is brief and brutal. Let us like people for the right reasons.

Let us take today as a good day to take stock of the people in our lives and to assess if we are doing right by them.

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