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Respect For Others Is The Highest Duty Of Civil Life—Get That Through Your Head

Here is a sign that was up in the elementary school where I voted in Houston’s municipal elections last month.

Is it possible that “civic life” was the term that was meant to be used rather than “civil life?”

No matter. The message is clear enough.

I could write a long blog post right now about whatever, but what could I say that would improve on this message?

Imagine if people got this idea through their heads in our colleges or in our churches.

Often the simplest things are the most important ideas to communicate.

What the hell is wrong with people? Why are so many unable to grasp simple and decent things?

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If Rick Perry Were Elected President, Would We Have To Take Leave Of Ourselves?

Texas Monthly political writer Paul Burka has suggested that Texas Governor Rick Perry is running for President in 2012.

Click here to read a portion of the article. You’ll get the drift.

Many know that Governor Perry has advocated secession from the Union by our State of Texas. It is the type of seditious talk that defines the modern Republican party.

Hearing that Governor Perry might wish to run for President, I wondered what he would advocate the United States should leave once he is elected.

The United Nations?


North America?

(Above—North America. We’ve got to get out!)

Maybe it is a deep philosophical question.

Can one leave one’s self?

(Below–Rene Descartes as painted by Frans Hals in 1648. A comprehensive understanding of consciousness may be required to grasp this problem)

Maybe it is a matter  of psychology or mental health.

Can we lose all touch with ourselves?

The good thing is this—That traitor Perry is never going to be President of these United States.

We would never elect a testosterone-poisoned states rights crazy Texan to lead this nation.

Ummm–Except for that one that we already did elect.

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