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Just Two Months Remain Before My Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Today being January 25, 2010, I am just two months away from my tenth wedding anniversary with the wife.

The wife can be seen in the picture above.

I’m damned glad about my marriage.

My wife helps me be a better person.

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Keep Your Foot On The Gas When Taking A Picture of Stray Pit Bulls

Here is a picture of some stray pit bulls that I took while driving around the  area of the Houston Ship Channel.

These dogs were hanging around on a side street.

I stopped the car to take the picture and the dogs stared at me.

I had my foot on the gas ready to go.

Yeah–I know this was stupid on my part. But I’m always looking for a picture to take for the blog and there were those dogs.

The Ship Channel area has many things to see. Here is a picture I took of a huge yard of crushed cars that is near the Ship Channel.

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