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2000’s Warmest Decade On Record—You Can Advocate For Your Kids’ Future Or Not

NASA reports that the years between 2000 and 2009 were the warmest decade in the world on record so far.

(Above—Fallen Angels in Hell. Painted in 1841 by John Martin.)

From the New York Times story on the issue—

“The decade ending in 2009 was the warmest on record, new surface temperature figures released Thursday by theNational Aeronautics and Space Administration show. The agency also found that 2009 was the second warmest year since 1880, when modern temperature measurement began. The warmest year was 2005. The other hottest recorded years have all occurred since 1998, NASA said…James E. Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said that global temperatures varied because of changes in ocean heating and cooling cycles….“When we average temperature over 5 or 10 years to minimize that variability,” said Dr. Hansen, one of the world’s leading climatologists, “we find global warming is continuing unabated.”

Here is the full Times story.

Here is the NASA press release on the matter.

From the NASA release—

“Climate scientists agree that rising levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases trap incoming heat near the surface of the Earth and are the key factors causing the rise in temperatures since 1880, but these gases are not the only factors that can impact global temperatures….Three others key factors — including changes in the sun’s irradiance, oscillations of sea surface temperature in the tropics, and changes in aerosol levels — can also cause slight increases or decreases in the planet’s temperature. Overall, the evidence suggests that these effects are not enough to account for the global warming observed since 1880.”

I don’t have kids. I’m 42. I’ll be here for whatever remaining amount of time. Many years hopefully. I’ll get by one way or another. And I will remain involved because I think it is important to remain involved.

For those of you with kids, you can decide to take part in politics or not. You can have your kids live in a good world or a bad world. You can ask people you know to be involved in politics and advocacy.

You can leave your kids a world of rising oceans and a nation where nobody has health insurance, or you can do your best to make our nation and our world a decent place to live.

It is your call.

Here is a BBC story about the risk of food and water shortages around the world poised  by climate change.

Greenpeace is addressing global issues of climate change.

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  1. Oh my. Neil, I have been hanging out at Care 2 and Current.com gathering in news and contacts for quite a while now. I have blogged dysfunction in our way of life that I find incredible.
    Months of collating stories of the challenges to our water and food supply did not prepare me for a little shock that turned up when I was going over the constant pounding of the current members of the ‘Axis of Evil’ in insane misrepresentation of what Iran and North Korea were and were not doing : Iraq already known to have been a total lie. ( See ‘Leading to War’ if you are not up to speed on that. )
    So when I ran across a link tying in Global Warming with the lies standard in foreign policy, I had to check them out.
    I have a new location : 404 returns at My.Opera.com making the site useless as a reference. Dec 4 I started reporting my search, which has not ceased.
    We do have life threatening problems : Copenhagen was not the way forward, however.
    The foreign policy side of that was on the Dec 20 post labeled Afghanistan,etc.
    The section ‘Collections Forwarded to Blogger’ will give you an index of posts : on the Links page at my.opera.com/oldephartte
    Aug 14 – 2009 archives on Blogger – has two enviro posts dealing with the pressing problems I mentioned. Water – Wealth & Power in the Blogger file is one obvious necessity : the Current post in August is about that news group having participants chasing water news in particular.
    And the RSS SnapShot! that I post every second day has 3 search categories at the bottom and a blog feed all on water as a routine item.
    And what am I going on about ? A science blogger gave me the lowdown…after I was already chasing Climategate because things weren’t ‘adding up.’ Anthropogenic Global Warming was listed as a scam : and there is far too much reason to believe that correct.
    Stop in at CFACT and Global Research.ca before you hit my stories if you like.

    Comment by opit | January 22, 2010

  2. all the data suggest the waters will chill with the melting ice caps and we will all freeze to death. really what is wrong with the wingers that want to deny that we have fucked this planet up beyond repair? there are signed the atmosphere is starting to heal itself but do we want to see how far we can push the ecosystem that gives us all life? I dont.

    Comment by bill brady | January 22, 2010

  3. That’s one scenario : based on the prior release of the waters of the floodplain of prehistoric Lake Agassiz causing a mini ice age. I don’t even necessarily think it’s particularly probable the Greenland ice cap diluting Arctic waters would work the same way : though conditions in northern Europe would very likely be terrible.
    Dr. John v. Kampen and I routinely exchange notes. He’s a science writer who pointed up the Plimer videos on YouTube. He hesitated to say much until I was already ‘on the trail.’
    Problem is : this is a distraction from pressing concerns.

    Comment by opit | January 22, 2010

  4. Opit do you think climate change is driving towards the end or do you think its over stated? its hard to tell from your post what you think.

    Comment by bill brady | January 24, 2010

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