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Ask Republicans In Your Life Why It Is Okay People Die Because They Can’t Get Health Insurance

Ask the Republicans in your life why they are okay with people dying because they have a pre-existing condition and can’t get health insurance, and why they are okay with people dying because they cannot afford health insurance.

How is that Republican friends and family members can think you have value, but that it is okay for others to die?

I know we often try to keep these issues out of our personal lives, but haven’t you had enough?

The chance for universal coverage is going away. And at core it is going away because many average people in this country sided with insurance companies and Republicans at the expense of basic compassion and decency.

Republicans so often talk about being accountable for one’s actions.

Let’s hold the Republicans in our lives accountable for the harm they have caused.

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Here Is Where Your Car Goes When You Are Finished With It

Here is what happens to your car after you get rid of it.

This picture was taken a few days ago in the area of the Houston Ship Channel.

There were so many crushed cars in this lot.

Below is another picture of all the cars.

This sure is a big wasteful disposable society we inhabit.

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Borris Miles—Let Us Give Him A Second Chance In Texas House District 146

Borris Miles is running to win back the Texas House of Representatives seat he lost two years ago.

This is Texas House District 146. Please click here for a map of this district.

Mr. Miles was at one point seen by many as a promising legislator.

However, during his term in the legislature Mr. Miles went to a party and was alleged to have waived a gun at people attending the party.

(Above–Borris Miles seeming calm and well-composed.)

This alleged gun waiving did not help Mr. Miles at the polls in 2008.

However, we must recall that Mr. Miles was found innocent of charges related to this event.

The man Mr. Miles lost to in 2008 was the same person he defeated in the 2006 Democratic primary to win the seat–Al Edwards.

Mr. Edwards is awful. His district is quite Democratic, yet he has often aligned himself with the most conservative Republican elements of the Texas legislature.

Voters understood this in 2006 when they turned out Mr. Edwards and elected Mr. Miles.

Mr. Miles is a smart man and I think he has learned his lesson.

Al Edwards is the same man—playing all sides and for himself—that he was when voters tossed him out in 2006.

In the Democratic coming up this March 2nd, I ask District 146 voters to please consider giving Mr. Miles another chance.

We all merit a second chance.

Mr. Edwards has had many chances, and each chance he gets he goes to Austin and helps far right-wing Republicans make Texas an even tougher place to live.

Here is the Borris Miles Facebook page.

Mr. Miles has a campaign web home, but for whatever frustrating reason it says nothing about his positions.

This is the Texas Liberal *Texas Primary Post Of The Day. (*Posts do not appear each day.)

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