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Regardless Of Massachusetts Outcome, We As Liberals Must Become Harder And More Realistic About What We Are Facing

In the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts, people are going to have to decide if we are going to live in a nation run by racist Tea Party mobs, or in a country where there is hope for the future and some measure of progress.

I don’t have a vote in Massachusetts.

All I can say is that if we live in a country where populism means the rich get richer and insurance companies dictate public policy, then we must work harder than we’ve been working so far.

Win or lose in Massachusetts, it is clear to me that liberals and progressive need to become harder and tougher people.

Our political fights today are quite often about good and evil and we must be willing to see it as such.

Our political fights have often been about good and evil. Why would it not be so today?

None of this means that we lose who we are.

It is simply clear enough that winning a big national election victory is not nearly all that is required.

We must do more. We need a clear-headed view that bad people do bad things and we have an obligation to try and stop what they are doing.

We have an obligation to make our nation and our world better.

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  1. Looks like the racist teabaggers have really won one tonight! We are a nation of flakes, with no solid ideology to build on. One minute progressive visionary the next right-wing reactionary. I think most “in the middle” are just plain stupid.

    Comment by Mark G. | January 20, 2010

  2. Mark yes too many are just plain and stupid, its very sad to see. Neil we have to take the gloves off and go for the win, progressives are the only way out that i can see, I am not even warmed up yet and I am ready to fight. enough of this bullshit with the republicans.

    Comment by bill brady | January 20, 2010

  3. if we can get people to turn off the tv and go outnumber the teabaggers we need to find a new planet to live on.

    Comment by bill brady | January 22, 2010

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