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Haiti Earthquake Links

The earthquake in Haiti is a terrible disaster.

This event is being covered from many perspectives.

Here is a comprehensive report from the BBC.

Here is comment on the quake by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The excellent Global Voices has stories and links related to the quake.

The Miami Herald is providing extensive coverage of events in Haiti.

CNN is devoting many resources to this story.

A blog in Haiti writing about the quake is the Livesay (Haiti) Blog.

A blog focused on the Caribbean and writing about the quake is Repeating Islands.

The Reuters news agency has a live blog from Haiti.

Here are basic facts about Haiti from the BBC.

Here is an extensive history of Haiti.

Here is an account from the BBC of what causes earthquakes.

Help is needed for the survivors in Haiti

Many groups are taking donations.

The New York Times has a list of groups taking donations.

In addition to the organizations on the New York Times list, there is the United Way Worldwide Disaster Fund.

Most people in our country have at least some amount of money they can donate for earthquake relief.

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