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Many Tracks But Only One Bridge Out ,Or, Only One Bridge On But Many Tracks

Above is a photo I took a few days ago of railroad tracks on Galveston Island, Texas.

There are many railroad tracks on Galveston Island, but there is only one railroad bridge off the island.

Or–Should it be that there is only one rail bridge to get on Galveston Island, but then there are many tracks once on the island?

I’ve been internally debating this question for the past few days.

Somehow it makes a difference how I view this question.

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Tea Party Leader Has Sign With N-Word—Even If He Can’t Spell The Word


The picture above is of Dale Robertson. Mr. Robertson is the head of teaparty.org.

I’m not really big on chronicling the Tea Party movement. Most of my readers have no illusions about these folks.

I did want to run this picture however, because it is important we be mindful of just how nasty this Tea Party deal is.

The Tea Party folks can go on about taking government back—so that Republicans back in power can be certain big business and big money run 100% of the government instead of the current 80% or whatever—but the core of this Tea Party deal is about race and ethnicity.

We should not forget this fact. These people are extreme states rights, no-government types who would take this country back to pre-reconstruction days if they could.

Though I’m sure Tea Party members would keep on collecting Social Security checks and other government benefits even as they make sure others are left out in the cold.

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