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Whoppers Town Hall Has Books, Newspapers, And Warm Lighting—It Seems Like A Nice Way To Live

Above is a picture of the Holiday Town Hall on a small box of Whoppers malted milk balls that I bought over the holidays.

You’ll notice that there are some books in the upper right hand window and that a newspaper has been delivered to the front door.

The building seems warmly lit inside and there is a snowman and some nice decorations. All citizens of the community must be welcome in such a warmly lit building.

As much time as I spend at my computer blogging and while I suppose I’m citizen enough of the modern world, it is the life on that candy box that seems much more like the world in which I would like to live.

At my home, we get two newspapers delivered each day and I’m typing this blog post in a room with six book cases.

At least we have some measure of control of how we live at home as the world we wish for slips away.

Also, we have the ability to convey our values and ideals in support of others who feel the same way.  We can communicate our thoughts and maybe move people in our direction to some extent.

So—Go buy a newspaper and go read a book and try to make the community you live and warm and inviting place for all.

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