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Snow At Amsterdam’s Centraal Station

Above is a picture of a recent snowfall in Amsterdam.

The picture was taken by my friend Lisa. Lisa lives in Amsterdam.

The picture is of Centraal Station in Amsterdam. Those folks over there spell the world “Central” with two A’s.

Everything must be crazy over there.

Here is a history of Centraal Station.

From that history—

“The building of the Amsterdam Central Station was built between 1881 and 1889, at the time when several important public buildings in Amsterdam as Rijksmuseum(State Museum), Concertgebouw (Amsterdam Philharmonics), Stadsschouwburg (City Theater), Central Post Office (now a shopping mall Magna Plaza) were constructed. All these fine-looking buildings were concoction of Neo-Gothic or Neo-Renaissance styles. Central Station was designed by Petrus J.H. Cuypers – one of the biggest Dutch architects, assisted by Adolf L. Gendt, who was a responsible for the structure of the Station’s building and its immense platform halls. Cuypers received in 1897 for the Central Station building Golden Medal from the Queen.”

Below is another photo Lisa took. It is of some bicycles that are covered by the snow.

Speaking as someone who has lived in Houston, Texas for 11 years, the bicycles seem more foreign than does the spelling of central.

Do all these bicycles mean that the people of Amsterdam reject Jesus Christ and free enterprise? Don’t they have cars and trucks?

Thanks to Lisa for letting me use these pictures.

Here is information about visiting Amsterdam.

Someday I hope that the wife and I will be able to visit Amsterdam.

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  1. Haha, don’t worry we do have a lot of cars here. It’s just that having a bike is more convenient. It’s faster, cheaper, easy to park. And some street are only one-way for cars but with a bike you can just ride there.

    Comment by Chococo | November 28, 2010

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