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We All Seek The 60 Votes Of Learning, Hope & Kindness To Defeat The Filibuster Of Ignorance And Anger

All of us are looking for the 60 votes of learning, hope, and kindness to get past the endless filibuster of ignorance, anger, and greed

We are corralling all our efforts and resources to get to the point where we can proceed.

We want to proceed so that we can have good lives and so that we can help others have good lives.

Each of us has a different path and strategy to get our 60 votes.

I read, take long walks, try to communicate my values with words and deeds, and work hard on my relationships in life.

You will have your own path and strategy.

Once one filibuster in broken, another may appear.

The forces of darkness and obstruction are relentless.

What is good is that the Senate of life is always in session.

We always have the chance to gain the needed coalition of people, deeds, and resources in our lives required to move the agenda ahead.

Let us move the agenda ahead each day that we are able.

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