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Gay Takeover Of Houston Underway—Let’s Have Both Social And Economic Justice In Our City

The openly gay Annise Parker has been elected Mayor of Houston.

Also, gay folks were elected to two of the five city council seats that are elected by the entire city.

(Correction–-A reader points out I am mistaken about the number of city at-large spots won by a gay candidate. It is one instead of two. Please see the comments below. Thanks to blog reader Horwitz for the help. One less solider for the gay takeover! )

Some on the right had warned of a “gay takeover” of Houston if these people were to be elected.

The gay takeover is here.

It seems to be going okay so far.

I’ve made myself a cup of tea and later I’ll do some reading before bed.

I think I can used to living in our new “gayocracy” here in Houston.

I hope these gay folks do a better job than straight folks have done of running this city.

Houston has had a black Mayor in recent years despite being the largest Jim Crow city in the U.S. in 1960.

Ms. Parker and her partner adopted black kids. You see the kids, now adults, in the grainy picture above that I took off of my T.V.

It really is all something of a miracle—Though a miracle that many worked hard to make happen.

Houston has plenty of problems. We have a lot of poor people in Houston.

But we must also be glad for the progress that has been made since Houston was the largest Jim Crow city in the United States.

Let’s now work for economic justice as well to match the ongoing process in our social relations.

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