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Fetching Pin-Up Says Roll The Dice & Vote Your Hopes In Houston—Despite Locke, Green & Lovell

I promise—This is my last pre-election post about Houston City Elections.

Thank you to regular readers from outside of Houston for sticking with me as I write about his stuff.

I’ve got somewhat of a voice around here—Maybe— so I guess I should use that voice.

Runoff Election Day is Saturday, December 12.

Despite tax-dodger Green, gay-basher Locke and vindictive crud Lovell—All Democrats—We can still vote on Election Day and try to retain some hope about the future of Houston.

Without hope,what do we have?

Here are my endorsements for Election Day.

The theme of my endorsements post is gambling.

What is a bigger gamble than democracy?

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Gene Locke Donor & Supporter Says Don’t Elect Lesbian As Mayor—Picture Of George Wallace

Today I got a political mailing from local Houston gay-basher Dave Wilson.

Mr. Wilson says we should not “elect a lesbian for Mayor.”

The mailing also says—“Vote For Gene Locke For Mayor.”

Youthful blogger David Ortez has shown that Mr. Wilson has donated to Mr. Locke.

Why not return this money? Mr. Wilson’s views are well-known.

Here is further information about  Mr. Locke’s involvement with gay-bashers.

Above is a picture of George Wallace—-Because how is one form of bigotry any different from any other form of bigotry?

Here are my picks for the December 12 runoff.

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Houston Councilwoman Sue Lovell Is A Vindictive Crud

So-called Democrat Councilmember Sue Lovell is letting her personal anger at fellow Democrat Councilmember Jolanda Jones get in the way of what is best for Houston.

Ms. Lovell is sending out a political mailing meant to benefit the far-right conservative challenger running against Ms. Jones.

The origin of the dispute between Ms. Lovell and Ms. Jones is an inside-baseball political conflict that had nothing to do with City of Houston affairs or public policy.

Why does Sue Lovell care more about her personal anger than about what is best for Houston?

Why should any good Democrat vote for this woman who puts personal anger before core values?

Here are my picks for Election Day, December 12.—-Except that now I might well have to ditch my support for Ms. Lovell and not vote at all in her race with a weak opponent.

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