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Toxins Mist Up From Ship Channel And Then Fall Back Down With Snow

Above is a picture of the Houston Ship Channel in the cold and snow last week.

The cold made the waters of the Ship Channel mist up into the air.

I saw this and thought that the mist was spewing Ship Channel toxins into the air.

Then—Maybe the toxins were latching onto the snow and coming back down into the water.

No harm-No foul.


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Houston In The Snow—Accept The Virtues And The Drawbacks Of Your Circumstances

This is a picture I took of Houston in the snow a few days ago.

It may seem only a dusting of snow, but it is likely all you will see in Houston.

For Houston, it might as well be a blizzard.

With Houston, there is no point in romanticizing something that can’t be romanticized.

Houston has virtues, but aesthetics is not one of these virtues.

Accept both the drawbacks and virtues of your circumstances.

Accept these circumstances without giving up hope that life can always be better.

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