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Thanksgiving Photo Essay

Have a great Thanksgiving!

What is George W. Bush doing up there?

Are you not thankful he is gone?

This is a nice Thanksgiving scene.

The title at the bottom of the picture says–“Home To Thanksgiving.”

Is your life like this scene?

Don’t worry—Life was not really like that for the people in the drawing.

I wonder how many hours of work it took the woman in the drawing to prepare the Thanksgiving dinner.

Big shopping day ahead the day after Thanksgiving?

Scramble for those discounts before we all discount each other out of work as the rich get richer.

The first Thanksgiving, painting by Jean Louis Gerome Ferris

Here we have another image of Thanksgiving that does not ring so true.

People know it is not true.

We can’t forget what has been done in the past, though we should also be mindful of advances in human rights and human dignity in our history.

It is good that we can know the past and still seek to move ahead.

At least if you are not a Native American.

There are all types of pilgrims in the world.

People are looking to understand the world and to find the best way to live.

Please have a good Thanksgiving.

Use the day both to relax and to give some thought to life.

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