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Names On The Land Is Lunchtime Reading On Shores Of Gulf Of Mexico

It is always good to read a book with lunch or with any meal.

Find some time by yourself and use that time to read and think.

With my seafood platter in Galveston today, I read Names On The Land—A Historical Account Of Place-Naming In The United States. This book, written by George Stewart, was first published in 1945 and revised in 1957 and 1967.

As you might guess from the title, this book discusses how place names orginated in the U.S.

For example—Wheeling, as on Wheeling, West Virginia, comes from a Native American word that means ” place of the head.”

This is the name of Wheeling becuase the city was founded at a place where these native people had killed a captive of some sort and stuck his head on a sharp pole.

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  1. Sometimes it feels like there isn’t time to read and to think! Maybe I need to find more time somehow.

    Sounds like a good book.

    Comment by Sarah V. | November 17, 2009

  2. Well–It is easier for me with no kids. But I’m a great adherent of finding time alone. My own view is that you need time alone to keep yourself whole in the face of all the demands of the world.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 17, 2009

  3. That’s very true. For the first two years of my daughter’s life, we took an hour-long walk almost everyday. Those walks helped keep me sane!

    Comment by Sarah V. | November 17, 2009

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