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Old Car At Metabolife Booth

Here is an old car that is pulled up to the Metabolife booth.

The booth does not appear to be well-attended.

The driver of the car must be out looking for the person who should be in the booth.

When you are out driving around, you never know what you will see.

I took this picture while out driving around.

I don’t know that I have ever seen a Metabolife booth. I don’t really even know what Metabolife is—Though I’m not fully certain one can get the things they need in life from a booth.

Maybe you will find the things you need in a library.

I located a Salon article where Bill Bradley and his wife walked past a Metabolife booth in New Hampshire in 1999 when Senator Bradley was seeking the 2000 Democratic Presidential nomination.

From the articleErnestine Bradley is much more charismatic on the stump than her terse hubby. Bradley was typically mellow as he careened past the Metabolife booth and Perfumania while Ernestine bubbled to voters, “Hi! You going to vote? I hope so. I hope you vote for the right guy! I’m the wife.”

I guess that article is proof that these booths did once exist.

If you know what kind of car that is, please leave a comment.

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5000 Blog Comments—Hermit Looking To Build A Peddle Houseboat

A few days ago Texas Liberal registered the 5000th comment since the blog started in July of 2006.

I was glad to note this milestone. Comments mean that readers are engaged and feel  you have written something that merits a response.

I’d like to thank Bill, Sarah V. and Newton for many of these comments in recent months. I’d like to thank (almost) everybody who has left a comment on the blog.

There is one recent comment  I would like to note as a very good comment. It was from a blog reader named Patricia.

In February of 2008, I wrote what was something of a throwaway post that involved a picture of a houseboat in India and 8 words of text. I just needed to get something up on the blog for the day.

Here is the link to that post.

As simple and silly as the post was, it has become the 8th most viewed post of the 1,600 I’ve run on the blog. It has gained more than 5,600 page views.

So last June I asked people who were reading the post why it was they were reading the post.  Here is a response I got from Patricia—

‘Hi there! You asked why your boat clip is getting so much attention. Well, I can’t speak for others, but I’m a hermit hunting for hermitage options. I don’t know anything about boats, but I had a crazy thought recently that I could build a peddle houseboat, so now I’m here… I’m sure there’s a reason why it probably hasn’t been done! I’ll find out one way or another! The little boat shown there is a pretty clever design though.~Blessings”

You just can’t beat that. Patricia wants to build a peddle-powered houseboat so she can live a life as a hermit. That seems like a worthwhile pursuit in my view.

I’m sorry my post did not have the information Patricia was seeking.

I am glad and appreciative though that people continue to read and respond to the blog.

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