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Folks Sometimes Say There Is No Difference Between The Political Parties, Yet This Is Not True

People often say there is no difference between the two major political parties in our country.

The health care vote in the House last night shows that this is not the case.

While counting on Democrats can be frustrating for liberals, think of the difference it will make in people’s lives to have greater access to health insurance.

Great legislation like Social Security or Voting Rights comes along only so often. But when it does arrive, it helps people for years and years.

Liberals rarely have the upperhand in our Federal Government. Yet the impact of liberal legislation is lasting.

We were promised hope and change by Mr. Obama. In this very important matter of health care reform, hope and change is exactly what appears to be on the way.

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  1. Did you watch the National Parks series on PBS a few weeks ago? There was so much opposition to preserving land for future generations. Today, most people agree that the National Parks system is a good idea. Hopefully, people will someday look back at health care reform as a positive step forward.

    Comment by Sarah V. | November 9, 2009

  2. It seems as if there are plenty of right-wing politicians who would happily eliminate the National Parks system if it meant profit for some corporation, or if it meant they could argue for lower taxes, or if all the National Parks could be converted to oil production facilities.

    Unfortunately, though the Democrats have almost unprecedented majorities at the federal level, they still let the Republicans set the national agenda and the national debate. My question for Neil: Does it matter if there is a real difference between Democrats and Republicans if the Democrats won’t use the power they now have to enact real change? To pass a healthcare bill, for instance, that doesn’t submit to reactionary demands to eliminate the reproductive rights of women? To pass a healthcare bill that actually makes healthcare affordable and accessible for American workers?

    (I’m not saying the versions they have now won’t do that, because it’s not clear from the media what the healthcare bill does or doesn’t do, but I don’t hear anyone talking about scaling back the unbelievably high cost of medical costs or insurance premiums.)

    Comment by Jeff Sirkin | November 11, 2009

  3. Sarah—I do think people will look back at this and say it was a good moment in our history. Even if some go on complaining, as they do about social security, you can bet they will still take the benefits.

    Jeff—I don’t see the Republicans setting the agenda as much as responding to the agenda being set by others. I think the noise they make obscures this fact to a degree.

    I have many concerns about how Democrats are making use of the power they have, but for health care the bottom line is extending coverage. I’m hoping the claims about extended coverage and coverage for those with pre-existing conditions are true. Maybe it is a measure of wishful thinking, and I’m sure it will be imperfect, but I think some of this is possible.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 11, 2009

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