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There Is Hope, But Only So Much Hope—Cards To Send

The painting in this post was completed by a young cancer patient at the M.D Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

It is a Thanksgiving card. You can go to the M.D Anderson web site and buy this card and other things made by young people with cancer.

In this painting, I like the presence of some color on the leaves on the tree, and I like the red barn. I also like the bleakness of the scene. It is clearly a cold late autumn day.

The color offers some hope, but there is only so much hope.

I bought a pack of these cards at the M.D Anderson store here in Houston. This store is in the Uptown Plaza in the Galleria area.

I’ve decided to start writing some letters and cards to folks and I’m going to start with this illustration of a barn in autumn.

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Eating Cocoa Krispies Will Not Prevent Swine Flu

I read a brief story today that Kelloggs will stop making claims on cereal boxes about boosts to the immune system offered by consuming Kelloggs’ products.

This is in response to suggestions that eating cereal will not prevent your child from getting swine flu.

So no—Eating Cocoa Krispies—seen below—is not the path to health for children or for yourself.

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