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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Estrangement

The painting in this post is by an artist named Richard Diebenkorn. I’m sorry,but I don’t have the title of the painting.

One thing I like about this painting is the emotional distance evident between the two people while they are so clearly in each other’s presence.

A lot of times in life I talk to people I feel very distant from–Yet I can’t indicate the distance I feel.

The scene appears negative, but it shows a level of estrangement I wish I could show more often.

The woman in the picture apears on the defensive. She is standing and holding her arm while the man is sitting.

Yet it is likely that the man has caused whatever the problem is here. I hope the woman can recover the upper hand.

There is only one chair in the room that we can see. Should he not offer it to the woman? He lacks the confidence in whatever he is asserting to give up the physical advantage of having the one chair. The woman is totally revealed in front of him.

Richard Diebenkorn lived from 1922 until 1993. He is worth looking up and learning more about.

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