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Some Quick Thoughts On Yesterday’s Houston City Elections

Just a few quick thoughts on Houston’s city elections yesterday.

1. I’m glad Annise Parker has made the runoff for Mayor. I hope that Ms. Parker uses this new round of elections to more sharply define herself from her opposition than she did in the general election.

80% of voters yesterday chose a Democrat to serve as Mayor of Houston. Ms Parker has a new chance to articulate a vision of Houston that is not just racially and socially inclusive, but fully economically inclusive as well.

2. I’m not going to vote for a City Controller who has not paid all his taxes. I won’t vote the Republican in the race. But nor will I vote for Ronald Green.

If my not voting for Mr. Green helps elect the Republican—So be it.

A Democrat running to watch over our city finances should pay his taxes.

3. I wish the Harris County Democratic Party would do something to generate turnout in the runoff. Let’s begin to set the stage for Democratic victories in Harris County in 2010.

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Life Is More A Parliamentary System Than A Presidential System

Life is more like a parliamentary democracy than a presidential system.

Life is like a parliamentary system where there is no consistent majority to be won on Election Day.

What we must try to do is cobble together a coalition of friends and family to be able to complete our term of life.

It is a coalition we have to bust our asses to maintain. If the coalition falls apart, then maybe we as individuals will fall apart.

I work hard to maintain my coalition of people in life.

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