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The View At Lunch—You Are Not Likely Carving Out Enough Time For Yourself

This was my view at lunch yesterday.

I ate lunch at Brady’s Landing Restaurant. At Brady’s Landing you can see the Houston Ship Channel. This is second time I’ve eaten at Brady’s in the past month.

It is good to eat with others and to talk with others. It is also good to eat by yourself and to have time to read and collect your thoughts.

Different things are relaxing and useful to different people. I find that water and ships help me think.

Behind the restaurant, there is an observation area where you can see the ships and ship channel. 

No matter how good your relationships in life, you need to carve out time for yourself.

If not, you might lose your mind. 

If not, you’ll not think things out to the extent you are able.

You know more and are more capable than you realize. You just are not getting enough time by yourself. 

If anybody from Brady’s reads this, why not comp me a lunch? This blog gets 1450 hits a day.

Here is a previous Texas Liberal post about the need for time alone.

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  1. you will have to report that to the irs or get a fine…

    Comment by bill brady | October 9, 2009

  2. I will indeed report any gifts and free things to the IRS.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 9, 2009

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