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Texas Liberal Accepts Free Products And Cash

The Federal Trade Commission has ruled that bloggers must disclose free products or cash payments they receive for items they review on their blogs.

A fine of $11,000 may be imposed for each violation of this decision.

I’ve been writing Texas Liberal for over three years and have not yet received any free things or cash money. I’ve missed out.

If you’d like send me free things or offer me money, please leave a comment or send an e-mail. My e-mail is at the bottom of the text under the painting. This blog has averaged around 1450 page views a day in 2009. That’s at least a few people who visit this shop.

I will be happy to review your product. I could maybe review a new car. Or, should you send money, I could review how well that money spends.

Sample review—“The money I was recently sent for review by (your name here) spends just great. It was accepted anywhere I went. If XXX sends you money, be certain to take it. It is very good money.”    

Books would be great as well. You send me a book and I’ll plug it. I’ll take a picture of the book and post that picture.

Sample post—“Here is a picture of (your title here.) This book was sent to me in exchange for publicity. Here is that publicity.”

You send it and I’m likely to give it a try. Household cleaners. Musical instruments. Electronic gadgets. I’m ready for pretty much whatever comes my way.

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