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Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up W/ Southwest Mural By El Paso Artist Tom Lea

At the bottom of this post is the latest Texas Progressive Alliance round-up. The Texas Progressive Alliance is a confederation of the best political bloggers in Texas. 

Above is a mural called Southwest that can be found in the entrance of the main El Paso Library. It was painted in 1956 by Tom Lea and his wife Sarah Lea.

Here is the link to the El Paso Public Library that discusses this painting. 

Here is a painting of Sarah Lea by her husband at the El Paso Museum of Art.

Mr. Lea lived 1907-2001. He father was a Mayor of El Paso. More information about Mr. Lea and more of his paintings can be found at this link to the Tom Lea Collection at the Henry Ransom Center at the University of Texas. 

The round up—

BREAKING NEWS: Natural Gas Development Brings “amazing and very high” Levels of Carcinogens and Neurotoxins to Barnett Shale area!Take a deep breath before you read this study because the findings will take your breath away! TXsharon at Bluedaze: DRILLING REFORM FOR TEXASbroke this story and the study evaluation by MacArthur (Genius) Award winner, Wilma Subra.

This week at Left of College Station, Teddy reports on why the anti-choice movement is not about abortionbut about the oppression of women. Also, guest blogger Litia writes about asking non-tradition questions about Texas A&M traditions; Litia writes a weekly guest blog for College Station about a liberal teaching in Aggieland. Left of College Station also coves the week in headlines.

Neil at Texas Liberalwrites that Socialist candidate for mayor of Houston Amanda Ulman should run a serious campaign or not run at all. There once was a solid base of socialist voters in Texas and the U.S. Who says that cannot some day happen again?

McBlogger takes aim at people who think that adjusting to climate change is just something that will unfairly hurt the poor.

Off the Kuff contemplates the possible entry of Farouk Shami into the Governor’s race.

The old Easter Lemming has a useful post on voting for the constitutional amendments in his area.

The Texas Cloverleaf looks at the 22-year-high Texas unemployment rate. What recession? We’re in one?

Agriculture commissioner Todd Staples opened his mouth and out fell a big wad of stupid. Stupid so ignorant that it topped anything Rick Perry or John Cornyn or even Glenn Beck could manage this week. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs has it — if you can stand it.

WhosPlayinfollowed up on an open records request for internal emails related to Lewisville ISD’s decision to ban President Obama’s speech to children. The emails, including a racially charged email from a board member to the superintendant, do not paint a pretty picture..

WCNews at Eye On Williamson posts on money, energy, and the economy in the Texas governor’s race in Perry’s Cap and Trade Photo Op.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme notes Rick Perry does his best George Bush cowboy imitation with Ranger Recon.

Over at TexasKaos, boadicea (Warrior Queen) is seeking a pulse, any pulse over at the Tom Schieffer campaign as she opines that Tom Schieffer Needs Something Original to Offer. It seems that lifting policy ideas from Hank Gilbert is the best he can do right now. Read the rest at TexasKaos.

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