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I Do Take Newspapers To Recycle Bin, But I Admit I’m Not Convinced They Really Are Recycled

I do take my old newspapers and other paper products to my local recycle bin.

(All people should take a daily newspaper at home.)

(Above–My local recycle bins.)

Yet I admit, I’m not convinced what I drop off really gets recycled.

I can’t get past the notion that it all gets hauled off to the city landfill.

I know I’ve read stories about stuff like that happening. When I worked for a city councilmember in Cincinnati, there was another councilmember who was just convinced that waste product was simply dumped in the landfill.

I don’t feel I’m prone to believing conspiracy stories, but I’m just not sure what I leave to be recycled really gets recycled.

Anybody have any thoughts on this subject?

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Biggest Pig On Earth

A sign above this pig at the Indiana State Fair last month said that this was the largest pig in the world.

I’m sorry, but I don’t recall the specifics of just how big it was.

All I can tell you is that the sign at the Indiana State Fair said that this was the biggest big on Earth. 

Hard to imagine that people are allowed to read this blog for no cost at all with features of this quality offered to the blog reading public.

Here are facts about pigs from Veganpeace.com.

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