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So-Called Democrat Gene Locke Solicits Republicans—Locke Seeking To Trick And Bamboozle Black & Republican Voters

Houston politics blogger Martha Griffin has a post up this evening at her blog Musings reporting that Houston Mayoral candidate Gene Locke, a so-called Democrat, has solicited Republican Harris County Clerk Beverly Kaufman to annoy citizens of Houston with robocalls.

From Ms. Griffin’s post—“This is the same Beverly Kaufman who is on record as being against the pre-clearance portion of the Voting Rights Act. Pre-clearance is in place for nine Southern states that have a history of discrimination or suppressing minority voting, including Texas.”

Here is the link to the entirety of Ms. Griffin’s post. Ms. Griffin has an audio of the robocall that you can hear.

In the call Ms Kaufman talks about the support Mr. Locke has gained from “conservative business groups.” Ms. Kaufman makes it clear in the call that she is a Republican.

Mr. Locke assumes black voters in Houston will support him for Mayor because he is black—But black support may not be enough to reach a runoff. To get the extra votes he feels he needs, Mr. Locke will engage in low-down tactics

He’ll sell out his core supporters in a heartbeat.

Mr. Locke thinks black folks in Houston are stupid. He thinks he can trumpet the support of people who don’t at all share the beliefs of his most important voters, and that people won’t catch on that he is a fraud.  

People will indeed catch on to the fact that Mr. Locke is seeking to trick and bamboozle them on Election Day.

If you’re a Republican, please recall that Gene Locke is a Democrat. He is looking to trick and bamboozle you as well.

How can anybody trust this man to stick true to any belief? He is loyal only to his own ambitions.

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  1. First, there isn’t a viable Republican running so it is one of the big block of voters that is relatively open to the three major candidates who are all Democrats. Do you equally slam Annise for courting Republican women as she has been actively doing? Do you slam Peter for actively courting Republicans and referring to himself as the only “independent” candidate in the race in a debate this past weekend? (Okay, maybe you would slam him for that…) They would all be stupid to not seek the support of Republicans. Bill White did exactly the same thing building his base of support.

    Gene has been supported by various business groups (including some that are conservative) because of his fiscal conservatism. That might be something we would need when the City’s budget is in question.

    I think you do a great disservice by attacking Gene for doing something all of the candidates are doing and have done for years in campaigns. Everyone has their core group of voters, but none of those is big enough to win so they all must reach out to other groups. Hopefully, whoever wins will continue to do that once elected for the betterment of the City and its citizens.

    Comment by Matt Burrus | September 29, 2009

  2. Mr. Burrus–

    It is not my problem that no credible Republican cared enough about Houston to run for Mayor. And why any Republican would want to vote for a Democrat to serve as Mayor of Houston is beyond me. Party ID is a statement of values. If it can tosssed overboard so easily, I can only assume that other values can be tossed aside as well.

    I have written about Ms. Parker and Mr. Brown for running to the right in this race. I’m sure I will do so again about all three major candidates as Election Day approaches.

    The three major candidates can campaign as they please. I don’t have to like it. You talk about the betterment of Houton and the people who live in Houston. But politics is about choices and about values. If I wanted a Republican Mayor I’d vote for one. If Republicans cared about putting forth a plan for Houston they could have run a serious candidate.

    Thank you for your comment.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | September 29, 2009

  3. I think the more important point that hasn’t been made is the fact that Mrs. Kaufman oversees the election process in the county. When was the last time she endorsed anyone for any race? Seems like a conflict of interest to me, no?

    Comment by Erik Vidor | September 29, 2009

  4. Mr.Vidor–A fine point of equal value to my point!

    Comment by Neil Aquino | September 30, 2009

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