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Military Option Must Exist For Iran Nuclear Program—Israel And Iraq War Are Separate Questions

A military option must be on the table as President Obama considers how to respond to Iran’s secret nuclear program. 

I say this as someone on the political left who opposed the Iraq War and who is always for diplomacy over war.  

When you have a country with a president who denies the Holocaust, fixes elections, represses his own people and conducts a secret nuclear program, that’s a problem.

It is even more of a problem when that country is run by religious crazies and is close enough to a nation full of Jewish people to launch missiles and bombs at them. 

Those of us on the left need to view Iran as a separate question from objections we have to various Israeli policies and our longstanding opposition to the War in Iraq.

President Obama will first use diplomacy to address this question. Diplomacy is always the best path and President Obama was elected with the hope that we would now begin to find a path other than war to solve our problems. 

If diplomacy does not prevail, I support in this case whatever actions must be taken to prevent Iran from obtaining and possibly using nuclear weapons. History tells us that when nations make threats about wiping out Jewish folks that these threats must be taken at face value.     

Here are some basic facts about Iran from the BBC.

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  1. I had the same thought recently regarding a hornets nest in my backyard. I used several cans of spray but each day there were more and more hornets. In the end, I made peace with the hive and all is well. From what I understand, they won’t be back next year.

    There’s a surefire way to make a new generation of terrorists. Just keep banging on the hive and you’ll find out. Yes, we need to keep the military option available — we just need to do everything else we possibly can first — even if that stings a bit.

    Comment by Roger Duck | September 28, 2009

  2. Roger–Unfortunately, “banging on the hive” might be our only option. Hornets can’t be reasoned with. You can’t negotiate with them or trust them to abide to treaties or other forms of diplomacy. Unlike the hornets in your backyard, this isn’t a problem that will go away on it’s own. Obviously, war should be our very last resort. However, if talking does not resolve the situation, a military response might be necessary.

    Comment by Sarah V. | September 28, 2009

  3. we need to worry about getting our men and women home where they can help rebuild our country and borders and leave iran to russia china and the eu. the french and british and italians and all the others they were murdered by the nazis should take the speach and actions seriously and take action their neck of the woods. We need to focus on job training,drug rehab, education and health care like when the voters spoke in the last election. out elected officials need to listen to the ordianry citizen and the focus must be selfish not socialistic. We need to teach our children and for the most part our adults that violence will not stop violence. enough

    Comment by bill brady | September 28, 2009

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