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If Legalized Gambling Will Cure Our Ills, Why Is Unemployment In Nevada 13.2%?

If legalized gambling is the cure to all our ills, why does Nevada have an unemployment rate of 13.2%?

(Above—Nevada’s Cathedral Gorge State Park.)

The national unemployment rate is 9.7%. Nevada is second in the nation in unemployment after Michigan.

There has to be some other solution as to how we will find work in the so-called new economy. We can’t just have working people losing money gambling, and casino and other gambling employees relying on the fleecing of fellow working people.

Here is information about unemployment rates around the nation from the Labor Department.

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  1. issue 3 in ohio is the same shit. they promise all these jobs and the idiots here think they are going to get rich being card dealers when they will import all the gamers and the only jobs will be sweeping up the parking lot of all the broken dreams and condoms and puke. Legal gambling will not help ohio

    Comment by bill brady | September 22, 2009

  2. Your insight is quite appropriate Neil. My hope is that we raise revenues as we should have in the first place. Gambling is an economy built of sand. In addition, the gambling industry leaders and the horse race track owners have shown themselves to be self-interested and, in a word, “greedy”.

    As the nation’s opinion awakens, we need to see some reform of the American banking system as it fleeces consumers daily with gargantuan fees and charges. Congressman Barney Frank should be ashamed of himself arguing that regulations at this time would be “unwieldy”. Who will tell the People?

    We must continue the fight.

    Tyrone K. Yates
    Ohio House of Representatives

    Comment by Tyrone K Yates | September 22, 2009

  3. Tyrone you make us all have faith in the system when there is little faith to be had. Mr. Frank is hooked to deep to ever get out, the system too broke but it can creep out of its stale ways only if americans stand up and work hard and vote. everyone is waiting to win the lottery or hit it big at the casino.

    Comment by bill brady | September 23, 2009

  4. Citizen Brady and Representative Yates—I share the concerns both of you express that our current political system is in the control of the wealthy and powerful, that the average person must seek a greater measure of control over his or her politcal fate,and that gambling is a poor way to raise needed revenues to help fund the many needed functions of government.

    Thank you for your comments.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | September 23, 2009

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