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Congressman Joe Wilson Of South Carolina Is Fitting Symbol Of Massive Republican Resistance To Obama

U.S. Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina is the Member of Congress who shouted out that President Obama was lying during the President’s speech this evening.

Here is some basic information about Mr. Wilson.

Mr. Wilson is an attorney and was for 16 years a member of the South Carolina State Senate. His district includes South Carolina’s capitol city of Columbia.  Here is a map of Mr. Wilson’s district.

(Above—An 1865 image from Harper’s Magazine that shows the burning of Columbia in Sherman’s March. Maybe Mr. Wilson is still angry about General Sherman.) 

Mr. Wilson worked at one point as an aide to Senator Strom Thurmond.

Mr Wilson was first elected to Congress in 2001.

As Representative Wilson shouts out his rebel yell at our President, I wonder if he has ever distanced himself from the legacy of treason that still defines his state in many ways.

What a perfect symbol of the Republican strategy of massive resistance to health care reform and just about anything else Barack Obama proposes. Massive Resistance was the Southern strategy to combat integration in the Civil Rights years.

(Below—Mr. Wilson. He loves America…Or at least he loves his idea of America.)

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