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Check Out Houston Council Candidate Karen Derr’s Classy Campaign Sign Locations

Houston at-large position #1 City Council candidate Karen Derr is running a classy campaign. Ms. Derr, a Democrat and a realtor, has campaign signs in all the best locations. 

A recent drive on Harrisburg Blvd. in Houston showed the handywork of the Derr effort. See below how the Derr campaign projects itself to the public. (Please note the Pam Holm sign on the middle picture. More on Ms. Holm’s sign campaign to come.)

(Here is a previous post I wrote about another Derr sign at a vacant lot.)

The first picture is at the 3800 block of Harrisburg near the intersection of Harrisburg and Drennan St. The second location is at the 4400 block of Harrisburg across the street from the intersection of Harrisburg and Super St. The final sign location is at the intersection of the 6100 block of Harrisburg and Caylor St.  

Now, of course, I know Ms. Derr had the permission of the property owners at these sites to place these signs.  

You’ll notice in the pictures that the signs say Ms. Derr is running for the District H council seat. Ms. Derr had intended to run in the District H special election earlier this year, but she missed the filing deadline. So these signs in the vacant lots and at the abandoned building are signs for a race Ms. Derr never ran and not for the race she is currently running.

I was actively involved in electoral politics in Cincinnati, Ohio during much of the 1990’s. I worked for a member of the Cincinnati City Council.  I had the assignment over a number of campaigns to place yard signs all over Cincinnati. Not once did I place a sign at a vacant lot or on an abandoned building. 

How does the placement of these signs show any level of respect by Ms. Derr for the people she is hoping to represent at Houston City Hall? One would hope for more from a Democrat.    


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  1. It is good that she has the upper hand on where to place her political signs… They would be pointless if she placed them where no one would see them.

    Great post, keep up the good work!

    Comment by Tom M. | September 10, 2009

  2. They are an eyesore for the people who live in this area.You can be certain these signs are not being plastered around in more upscale areas.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | September 15, 2009

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