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Show Respect For Others By Communicating In A Clear And Concise Manner About Complex Things

Please take one minute to watch this video I filmed in Houston’s Memorial Park. In this video, I hold up a sheet of paper that reads “Show Respect For Others By Communicating In A Clear And Concise Manner About Complex Things.”

The video has sound. You can hear the motorcycle that passes by and the people talking on the motorcycle. 

I believe all people have the ability to understand complex things. It is a respectful course to follow to make the effort to convey to others what you feel and believe.

Behind me in the video is a flag at half-mast for the death of Senator Kennedy. A flag at half-mast conveys complex ideas of loss, care, loyalty, respect and patriotism. It is a simple symbol that conveys a great deal.

We all have the ability to communicate and to understand. We all merit the respect inherent in the effort to communicate and understand.

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  1. It is sad what has happened to the concept of respect and what the results of that are. I hope we are able to survive without it.

    Comment by Chris Rosenthal | September 2, 2009

  2. Chris–Thanks for the comment.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | September 4, 2009

  3. respect your elders. that is a saying that always bothered me. respect can be and mean so many different things. respect for life? for people? do you respect life? if so how can one be for the death penalty and against abortion? how can one death be better than another? are all deaths good no matter how they came about? is the death of people the balance needed for the world to survive? natural resources running out. starving, h1n1, aids, cancer, heart attacks, all these killers. war, smoking, murderers, the murdered? all part of the balance. respecting others ideas or actions are two different things. how does one respect one that they have swinging differences in core beliefs? im not sure as much as i would like to say i can respect others that i actually can.

    Comment by bill brady | November 1, 2009

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