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My Seat Is Filthy & The Person In The Row In Front Of Me Has Sneezed Three Times Indicating That He Has Swine Flu

The title of the post is a slice of life aboard this Continental Express flight I’m on from Cincinnati to Houston.

In a few minutes we’ll be leaving the gate and we’ll be on our way.

While I’m in the air, please think about ways that you can be kind to others.

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I’m Glad The Hudson News Shop At The Cincinnati Airport Was Well-Staffed

I’m glad the Hudson News Shop at the Cincinnati airport was well-staffed with three people this afternoon. People need jobs and better staffing leads to better sales.

Two of the three staffers greeted me and the other employee was working on a project. Both folks I talked with were nice and I made a $12 purchase.

If you see a place that is well-staffed and has a kind staff, buy something if you are able so people can have work in this brutal economy.

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