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Despite The Fact That World Is Often A Slaughterhouse, I’ve Been Able To Maintain Relationships With Family & Friends On Two Week Vacation

Despite the fact the world is often a slaughterhouse, I have been able to keep up with friends and family in my 15 day trip to Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky & Ohio.

A goal in life can be to maintain personal relationships without losing sight of the larger world.

Thanks to friends and family I’ve seen over the last two weeks and thanks to all my readers here at the blog.

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Ohio Putting Slots In Racetracks Is A Lousy Idea

Trying to hit the trifecta on the first race at Suffolk Downs was a mistake. I made this foolish wager watching Suffolk on simulcast from Cincinnati’s River Downs.

Gambling hardly ever works out. Despite this fact, the State of Ohio is trying to add 24 hour slot machines to Ohio racetracks. The state hopes this move will gain revenue.

More likely what will happen is that any revenues gained by slots played by poor folks will be offset, by a failure to enact progressive tax policies that would mandate the wealthy to pay a fair share.

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