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While On Vacation, I’m Reading The Big House—A Century In The Life Of An American Summer Home

While on vacation, I’ve been reading The Big House–A Century In The Life Of An American Summer Home. This book is by George Howe Colt.

The book is about the ups and downs of a family over the generations in a Cape Cod summer home. I like the book.

If you feel you might like this book, look it up online or go find it at a bookstore. I’m on vacation and I’m going out now with my wife instead of digging up a link that you can find yourself.

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It Was Always A Lie That Public Money To Build Stadiums For Reds And Bengals Would Help Downtown Cincinnati

When hundreds of millions of dollars in public funding was approved in the late 1990’s for new stadiums for the Cincinnati Reds and the Cincinnati Bengals, the public was told that these new stadiums would help revitalize Downtown Cincinnati.

When you take a walk around Downtown Cincinnati, you know that this promise was not kept. Downtown is no better, and quite possibly worse, than when the stadiums were built.

Though the fact is that the public money was always about helping the Reds and Bengals and never about the larger community.

Imagine if the public money had been spent to help people buy homes or get health insurance or go to school.

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