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Long-Term Friends Offer Temporary Response To Death And Give Life Context

I’m about to go to dinner here in Cincinnati with a bunch of friends I’ve had for 20 years and more.

Long-term friends create an illusion of permanence and offer at least a temporary rebuttal to the inevitability of death.

Also, long-term friends give context to life and give a greater value to what you have done in the past. When I’m with people I’ve been friends with for many years, I know that decisions I’ve made  over the years about how to spend my time and who to spend my time with, were in fact the correct decisions.

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I Wish A Credible Republican Were Running For Mayor Of Houston

I wish Houston had a credible Republican candidate running for Mayor in 2009.

If there were a credible Republican running, than the three leading announced Democratic candidates would not be pandering for Republican money and Republican votes from the start.

Or at least there would be less such pandering.

If there were a credible Republican running, the three Democrats would be fighting for a spot in a runoff to run against the Republican. These Democrats would be more concerned with Democrats and progressive voters and less concerned with appealing to voters who don’t support Democrats when they have the option of voting for a Republican.

Houston is a Democratic city. A Democrat would likely beat any Republican running for Mayor of Houston. Yet the the three leading candidates for Mayor, all Democrats, seem more concerned with raising money from Republicans and talking about the city dog pound than they are with addressing issues of poverty, jobs and the often appalling conditions faced by children in Houston.

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I Can’t Figure Out Loading Pictures On Blog With iphone WordPress Application

I can’t figure out how to load a photo in the blog with the WordPress application on my iphone. I’m sure it is very simple to load these pictures. I’m not just so clever with that kind of stuff.

Please make mental images of the things you enjoy—like puppies or a sunset—while reading my posts while I’m on the road.

Thanks for reading Texas Liberal.

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