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I Think I’ll Ask Republicans In My Personal Life If They See Me As A Nazi

I’ve been listening to some of the things Republicans are saying about the Obama health care proposals and about the overall direction of the Obama administration.

They are using terms like Nazi and fascist and saying that Mr. Obama and his supporters want to destroy the Constitution.

In your professional life and in day-to-day life as you interact with people in the world, you can’t concern yourself with people’s politics. You won’t be able to get by in life if you do that.

But I’m thinking that maybe I’ll ask the few family members I have that are Republicans, if they feel that I am a Nazi or if I support candidates who are Nazis.

If you are going to use that kind of language out in the open, or back people who use that kind of language,  the people in your personal life should know where you stand.

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Car Alarm Goes Off Every Time I Open Car Door Manually In Junky Car I Rented From National

The car alarm goes off every time I open my National Car Rental car manually. This is because the car is a piece of junk. As I mentioned in a post a few days ago, the car was dirty when I rented it in Chicago.

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