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National Car Rental—Why Did You Folks Rent Me Such A Dirty Car Today?

National Car Rental—Why did you folks rent me such a dirty car today?

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Hey, Marriott–I Don’t Need Five ESPN Channels

Hey, Marriott–Instead of five ESPN channels and no C-SPAN channels, how about just four ESPN channels and one C-SPAN channel.

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Urban & Rural America Are Not So Far Apart

I flew over many farms today between Houston and Chicago. Though I’ve always lived in a city and don’t know anything about farms, I’ve long thought that urban areas and rural areas have many problems in common.

There are issues of finding good jobs and substance abuse that urban and rural areas have in common. Both areas depend very much on good public schools.

I wish that in state legislatures across the country, urban and rural legislators would caucus and discuss ways to work together.

At least at 600 miles an hour,there does not seem to be a so great a distance between urban and rural America.

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