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Brilliant Scholar & Author Takes Picture Of Swans

Brilliant University of Connecticut scholar & author Dr. Janet Watson has taken the picture you see above while conducting research in Reading, England. 

Janet and I are friends and she told me I could rip this photo off her Facebook page.

Janet is a professor of history. However, when she sees many swans in one place she takes a picture.

Janet is the author of Fighting Different Wars—Experience, Memory, and the First World War in Britain.

Here is a link to buy this book.

From the publisher’s account of the book–

“The popular idea of the First World War is a story of disillusionment and pointless loss. This vision, however, dates from well after the Armistice. Here, Janet Watson separates out wartime from retrospective accounts and contrasts war as lived experience – for soldiers, women and non-combatants – with war as memory, comparing men’s and women’s responses and tracing the re-creation of the war experience in later writings. Using a wealth of published and unpublished wartime and retrospective texts, Watson contends that participants tended to construct their experience – lived and remembered – as either work or service. In fact, far from having a united front, many active participants were in fact ‘fighting different wars’, and this process only continued in the decades following peace. Fighting Different Wars is an interesting, richly textured and multi-layered book which will be compelling reading for all those interested in the First World War”

I have bought a copy of Janet’s book. I’m looking at it right now. I’ve not read it as of yet, but I will. It can take me a few years to get to a book once I buy it. I have a lot of books.

Janet is in England doing research on her next book. I think the new book is going to be about a mermaid who commands a community of talking dolphins….No, hold on…That’s the book I hope to write some day.

Janet says that the one bird on the left of the picture—the one with the white patch under the neck—is an Eurasian Coot. How does she know this? I don’t know. Maybe she asked the bird. Here is information about the Eurasian Coot.

Janet did not say what river these birds live on, but I’ve done a small amount of study and come to the view that the bridge in the background is the Reading Bridge and the river is the River Thames. This bridge was built in 1923. Here are some more facts about the Reading Bridge. (Update—Janet tells me it is the Caversham Bridge.)

Here is the web home for Reading. The folks over there would like you come and visit.

My guess is that the swans in the picture are Mute Swans. Here are facts about Mute Swans.

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  1. I added it to my list. Here’s another book I’ve read on a similar topic. Interestingly, from the same press.

    Comment by Barry Cochran | July 31, 2009

  2. Barry–Very good—Thanks.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | July 31, 2009

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