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Why I Like The 1503 Painting A Great Piece Of Turf By Albrecht Durer

File:Duerer the large turf.jpg

Above is the painting Great Piece of Turf.  It was painted in 1503 by Albrecht Durer.

Here is what I like about this painting–

1. The discipline involved in getting it right.

2. The artist’s apparent view that something as common as a chunk of grass and weeds merits consideration. The common things in life often have great value.

3.  The presence of  soil, grass and light in the painting. There is a whole world in that small piece of the Earth.

4. I enjoy how the precision of the painting allows my imagination to proceed without barrier. The painting is a chunk of the world well-represented, and now I am free to imagine a symbolism or imagine creatures living within the turf. 

Here is information about Albrecht Durer.

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