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Houston-Area Gun Violence—Gun Lobby And Gun Nuts Little More Than Accessories To Murder

Below are some headlines from today’s Houston Chronicle.

Woman shot outside Galleria-area Starbucks.

Houston police kill naked gunman.

Chambers (county) deputy killed, suspected gunman found dead.

The Chambers County deputy, 31 year old Shane Detwiler, was killed by an occupant of a mobile home in a dispute over shutting off the water to the mobile home.

I’ve written in the past that people’s rights to own guns will not be impacted by the fact that Barack Obama is President and that Congress is controlled by Democrats.

The gun lobby has the political power to fight off most challenges to restrictions on gun ownership that might save lives. 

Where I’ve been remiss is in not more clearly stating my views that I see the gun lobby and the most hardcore supporters of so-called gun rights as little more than accessories to murder. 

People go around shooting each other down like dogs, and the gun nuts go on and on about threats to gun ownership that don’t exist.    

I don’t have anything fully useful to say about that to do about this fact. I suppose that being obsessed with guns stops these crazies from doing more harm with their views about other questions in society.

I don’t care about the legal definition of accessory to murder. This is a blog and not a courtroom. Nobody is on trial. I just want to be clear that if you’re one of these gun nuts that I see you as no more than a common criminal and street thug.

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