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Wife And I Happy When Speaking To Each Other And, Also, When Saying Nothing

When my wife and I go out to dinner, we often bring something to read.

We bring newspapers and magazines.

Sometimes we bring these things to read and end up talking to each other more than reading.

Other times we discuss what we are reading.

Or, there are times when we go long stretches reading and don’t say anything to each other. 

I’m thinking about this because the wife and I went out to dinner twice over the July 4 weekend.

In our two dinners out we had a mix of reading, talking about what we were reading, and talking about stuff other than what we were reading.

I think this is pretty good in a marriage. We are content to let each other alone or to talk.

It is good to talk to people and it is good to read and have some peace.

It is very good for two people to be happy with each either when talking or when quiet.

Here is a picture of the wife on our wedding day in 2000.

Here is a list of five personality traits people would do well to have.

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