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Houston Fourth Of July Events—Will Texas Republicans Who Say Texas Should Leave Union Observe The Holiday?

File:Declaration independence.jpg

What will be going on in Houston and around Houston this Fourth of July?

Will the near-majority of Texas Republicans who say that Texas would do well to leave the union observe the holiday?  

( Above–John Trumbull’s Declaration of Independence from 1819.  Please click here for a key as to who is who in the painting.)

Will parents talk to kids about the historical events around the holiday—even for just a few minutes—and in so doing provide the occasion with some meaning beyond just hanging around all day?

Here are facts about the Declaration of Independence from the National Archives.

Here is a link to more Independence Day facts and history

There are events in the Houston-area to mark the Fourth.

The City of Houston has an official fireworks show on the Fourth.  Please click here for the link to the event.

There are also other fireworks shows in the area. Here is a link with many of them listed.  

Galveston has many Fourth of July events.

Here is a later and  updated listing of events from the Houston Chronicle.  

Here are Fourth of July dog safety tips. Please keep your dog safe over the holiday. Your dog loves you.

Please have a nice and safe holiday. Please be careful with fireworks and be mindful that we are having a drought in the Houston-area and that every day is almost 100 degrees. You might be better off leaving the fireworks to the pros.

Please do not drink and drive over the holiday. The roads are full of drunks and nuts. Please don’t be one of these people.

Please have a nice holiday.

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