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Here are some notes about life and about the world—

*I’m very glad Governor Mark Sanford got busted and I hope his career is ruined. Governor Sanford was as a far to the right as you see in elected office and cared more about his right-wing ideology than he did about the people of South Carolina. He refused stimulus founds that would have helped people in South Carolina deal with these hard times.

* I don’t enjoy going to the grocery store as much as I once did. I was for some years friends with a bagger named Johnny Castille at my grocery store. Johnny died in 2007. Johnny was a black man and an active Democrat who would have been so glad to have seen Mr. Obama elected.

* I’m listening to a best of the Cure CD as I write this blog post.

* If you don’t often visit my blog, I most often include many links with my posts. But today, like yesterday, I’m a bit rushed. It can be hard to find the time to do this each day. I will though add a picture to this post. Maybe a picture of an animal of some kind. (Look above–I found a winner.)

* If you are thinking of starting a blog, be sure to include pictures and facts about animals. You can’t go wrong with animals. You could include with the animal posts, facts about the politics of the nations where the animals live. Or facts about environmental threats faced in the world. 

Or you could just write about animals.

* Be kind to the people you meet in life not just because you are courteous as a matter of habit, but because you see kindness as part of what being alive in the world is about.

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