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Protests Ongoing In Iran

Protests in Iran are ongoing.

Global Voices has links to blogs and people using Twitter who are reporting about events in Iran.

Here is the blog Revolutionary Road. This blog is based in Iran. 

Here is the BBC on Iran.

These protests have been taking place for a week now. These are people serious about being more free. They merit our support.

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The Man Selling Newspapers On The Street Corner

File:Yonge and King in 1915.jpg

The Houston Chronicle sells Sunday newspapers on street corners. The sellers are homeless people or people otherwise in need of a few dollars.

The sell the early edition of the Sunday Chronicle starting on Saturday morning. They sell the final Sunday paper on Sunday.

(Above–If you look on the bottom left hand corner of this photo, you’ll see two paper boys. They are selling papers at Yonge and King streets in Toronto in 1915.)

There is one guy I buy a paper from most weekends. He knows who I am. If I’m stuck at the stoplight at the corner where I see him each week, we exchange a few words about how we are doing.

The paper costs $1.75. I usually give him $3 or $4.  

Last week though, all I had was a one dollar bill. I said– “Hey, I only have one dollar this week.”

He said “okay” and took my dollar.

But then he did not give me a paper. I sat there waiting for the light to change and for him to give me a paper. 

What he did instead was take the dollar and ask how I was doing. I said I was doing well.

The light changed and I drove on.

That man who sells the Sunday paper on the corner is doing his best in a harsh world. I will make certain to have at least $2 next time.

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