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I’ll Pay To Help So-Called Anchor Babies


I ran a post about two weeks ago about the failure of the malignancy known as the Texas legislature to expand health insurance for kids in Texas.

I’m a featured political reader-blogger at the Houston Chronicle. I used the above referenced post at the the Chronicle and got a few comments such as this one—

“Ok, I see that the yankee liberal wants us to pony up for a bunch of anchor babies. It’s getting to the point where his posts should be located in the comic section, lol  ”

( They call me Yankee Liberal at the Chronicle  sometimes because I’m from up north.)

It took me a moment to figure out the term “anchor baby.”

An anchor baby is a baby born in the United States to a non-citizen. Since the baby is born in the U.S., the child is an American citizen. It’s a way to gain a hold on staying in the United States if you are not here legally and a way to make sure your kid can stay in the U.S.

If I can lend a hand to people who will work hard and see America as a land of promise instead of being angry all the time, I’m glad to help such people out.

At the top of this post you see the seal of the United States Navy. The anchor in the seal can stand for all the non-citizens who have served, and who are today serving, in our military.

Below is from a press release issued by the U.S. Army—

( Here is the full release.)

“Non-citizens have served in the U.S. Army since the American Revolution. In fact, almost half of Army enlistees in the 1840s were immigrants, and between 1862 and 2000, more than 660,000 military veterans became citizens through naturalization. Today, about 35,000 non-citizens serve in the military and about 8,000 enlist every year. According to Leslie Lord at U.S. Army Human Resources Command, many have used military service as a stepping stone to citizenship. “It is also true that some Soldiers have one or more Family members, especially a spouse, who is not a U.S. citizen,” Lord said.”

Anchor babies?

Maybe the term anchor would be better applied to the right-wingers who stay angry all the time and keep us stuck in the squalid port of stagnation and division, rather than allowing us to move out to the bright and sunny open sea of care for others.

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Doing The Hustle And Doing It Right

Above is a video on how to do The Hustle.

What I enjoy about his video is that the man doing the talking is intelligent and crisp without being condescending, while the woman is with the program and in control of her movements even though the man has the lead.

Don’t you wish that people were this smart and with the program all the time? It’s just so useful and almost cathartic to see something done right. The people in this video took the time to get it right.

The video is from the Starlight Dance Studio in San Diego. The man in the video is Michael Kiehm and the woman is Janelle Walton. Mr. Kiehm owns the dance studio.

I don’t want to learn how to dance. But if I did want to learn how to dance and I lived in San Diego, I would call Mr. Kiehm. 

Here is the link to the International Dance Hustle Association

Here is the mission statement of this group—

The International Hustle Dance Association (IHDA) is hereby established to support the Hustle partner dance and accepts the following as its charter:  

  a)   To help promote, protect and nurture the Hustle as a social, competitive, and artistic dance form. 

b)  To develop uniform contest rules and divisions to be utilized at IHDA sanctioned events. 

 c)  To encourage communication among all hustle dance enthusiasts and professionals, thereby creating a forum for hustle dances worldwide.

d)  To develop a widely respected and standardized format for competition judges accommodating competitive hustle dancing.

e)  To establish an event calendar of recommended Hustle dance events, clubs, activities and dances.

 f)   To develop event sanctioning minimums and guidelines

Who knew such a group existed?

Here is some basic information on the Hustle Dance.

The famous song called The Hustle was performed by Van McCoy. Regretfully, Mr. McCoy lived only from 1940 until 1979. The Hustle was released in 1975.  Here is Mr. McCoy’s web home. 

(Below— Van McCoy)

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