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Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up With Picture Of Snow

File:Palm Trees and Snow.jpg

Below is the most recent Texas Progresssive Alliance blogger round up.

Above is a picture of palm trees covered with snow from the Texas Christmas Eve snowfall in 2004.

At Bluedaze, TXsharon asks: What are the chances that an industry in charge of conducting its own testing to determine waste disposal methods will find toxin levels too high if that means disposal of the waste will be more costly? Read Landfarms: Spreading Toxic Drilling Waste on Farmland (with video).

BossKitty at TruthHugger sees lessons never learned … it is NOT about religion, ya’ll! How does it fit that US military crusader evangelists want to save these souls right before we blow them away. How can we justify putting Muslims on death row, by their own people, just because we convinced them to become APOSTATES?! General Order Number One, Forbid Proselytizing — Evangelists Cannot Protect Murtads. Wars fought using 12th-century religious mentality means that civilization has taken two steps backwards!

Mean Rachel is reminded on Mother’s Day of children, the lack thereof and why the pill should be available over the counter.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme wants to know how can Rick Perry brag about how well Texas is doing when over 22% of our children face hunger every day?

Gary at Easter Lemming Liberal News showed a video from the Texas Freedom Network of our own Texas Department of Miseducation in action.
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The Big Five Personality Traits

Below are what I saw listed as the Big Five Personality Traits.

I can’t recall where I got this from. I think it may have been the Wall Street Journal.

No matter.

Here are the big five personality traits that a person might wish to possess—

1. Openness

2. Conscientiousness

3. Agreeableness

4. Stability

5. Extraversion

I think these qualities are an excellent goal for people to shoot for in life. I’m going to print this list up and keep it in my wallet because this stuff decribes the person I wish to be.

It’s also describes the person I wish you were.

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Black Soliders In 1942 Memorial Day Parade

Image, Source: digital file from original slide

Above are black soliders on horseback marching down Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C in a 1942 Memorial Day Parade.

The picture was taken by Royden Dixon.

These people were willing to serve and fight even though they did not have their rights in the United States.

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Wife Has Nightmare About Husband’s Clothes Shopping

File:Wrocław - Petersdorff.JPG

Two days ago I went to the department store to buy some clothes for myself.

( Above–Petersdorff Department Store in Warsaw, Poland Here is a link to a good photo of this building in the late 1920’s.  Here is history and pictures of department stores in Portland, Oregon and elsewhere in the nation.)

My wife let me go on this shopping trip alone, but she was very concerned.

Before I went to the store, the wife told me that overnight she had a nightmare about my shopping trip.

She said she dreamed that I bought myself ugly clothes and that I had come home with a pair of ugly shoes for her. She also said that in the dream I purchased for her three ugly purses.

I’m not sure I could have messed up my shopping expedition. I buy and wear the same clothes year after after year. Even a fathead like me can get something right when doing it the 20th time. 

Not only that–I’ve been reading a book about the history of fashion. I know about fashion.

I’ve almost finished reading Costume And Fashion—A Concise History by James Laver. Mr. Laver had an active mind. Please click here to learn about his life.

Costume And Fashion covers fashion from ancient days up until the 1990’s. Here  is what it says about punk rock fashion in the 1970’s—

“The anarchic punk style. which appeared on the streets of London in the 1970’s…was to have an enormous impact on both streetwearand high fashion. It was a style that consciously sought to shock, combining–for both sexes—black tight trousers and striped mohair sweaters with customized leather jackets and heavy-duty Doctor Marten boots….Fetishistic leather and rubber were an integral part of the punk look….Clothes were slashed and ripped, embellished with safety pins, zips and studs. T-shirts were printed with aggressive anarchistic slogans….”  

Below you see some punks. They are burning a U.S. Flag for extra measure.

With these ideas in my head, how can the wife figure I’ll come home from the store with something crazy?

( Please click here for my greatest punk rock moments. I did not dress like the people below or burn flags. My attitude was sufficiently hostile that I felt no need for affectation or gestures of excess.)   

File:Punks burning a flag.jpg

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Houston Police Chief Says Real Crime More Important Than Immigration Checks

Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt says his police officers have more useful things to do other than checking people’s immigration status. 

Here  is what the Chief said as reported by the Houston Chronicle

“Immigration enforcement by local police is counterproductive to community policing efforts. It undermines the trust and cooperation of immigrant communities, could lead to charges of racial profiling, and increases our response time to urgent calls for service,”….”I don’t want my guys out on the street trying to determine which of 32 different visas” an immigrant might be issued is valid, Hurtt said. “I want them to concentrate on keeping Houston safe from thieves, drug dealers, sex offenders, and making sure we maintain the trust and support of everybody who lives in Houston, and that means members of the immigrant community we serve”

I can’t add much except to say we allowed undocumented  folks to come to the United States to do our labor for us and to make sure we can get cheap services and products. At the same time, we want to bust these folks out of the country.

Let police officers go after real crime. If we reach the point where we want to start arresting all of us who have profited from illegal labor, then we can all go turn ourselves in at the local station house.     

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Houston’s District H Council Race Makes Me Ill

As part of a determined effort to kill my blog traffic, I’m going to write again about Houston’s Council District  H runoff election.

District H held a special election last week to fill a council vacancy.  In this election, the district’s educated Anglo voters in the Heights neighborhood teamed up with the district’s politically underrepresented Hispanic voters to generate a turnout of something like 5 %. 

( Here is a story about people in India voting despite attacks from Maoist guerrillas.) 

Because who cares?

As long as you can send your own kid to a Montessori pre-school who gives a shit if the Latino kid a few miles away has limited prospects in life?

Just because you’ve been treated like crap for hundreds of years doesn’t  mean you should change that fact. Stay home! Why not?!?  

The District H race last week offered voters the chance to put a second Latino Councilmember on Houston City Council. Houston is a 40% Latino city with one Hispanic Councilmember out of 14 members.

The upcoming runoff offers voters the same chance to elect a Hispanic.

Now one should not vote for someone just based on ethnic group. But ethnic loyalty in minority communities is often a factor in how people vote in these communities. Political representation is a visible and important symbol that ethnic groups have arrived as important participants in urban politics.

Is there unity among Hispanic Democrats in Houston?

That’s crazy talk! 

My fellow blogger Charles Kuffner writes today about a defeated Hispanic challenger in District H endorsing runoff candidate Maverick Welsh over opponent Ed Gonzalez. 

Maybe the endorsement was based fully on a weighing of the merits of each contender, but it seems quite likely that factional disputes among Hispanic Democrats played some part in the endorsement.

These factional disputes go back many years in Houston’s Hispanic community. The people involved in these disputes for all these years should reflect on the harm they have done to a community they say they are serving.

I don’t live in District H. With both candidates being Democrats, I don’t care who wins the June 13 runoff. I write about it because the whole thing makes me sick on a variety of levels.

People should turn out to vote. People should care who governs their city. People should have some sense of loyalty and respect for each other in gaining a political foothold in a city. That’s what people do in a normal healthy city and community.

Here is the link for Maverick Welsh.

Here is the link for Ed Gonzalez 

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Top Texas Political Blogger Now Member Of The Academy Of Political Science


I’m most pleased to announce that I have been accepted as a member of the Academy of Political Science. Above you see my certificate of membership.

I’ve gained this honor because I bought a one year subscription to Political Science Quarterly. 

Here is the link to this magazine.

Already I am a member of the National Geographic Society.

I’ll take any distiction that I can buy and that is selling for cheap.

The honors keep rolling on in.

Regular readers will know I view myself as the top political blogger in Texas.

If I don’t see myself that way—Who will?

And giving myself that title does not cost a dollar.

I’m a published author.  

I’m a prize-winning poet. I was a Juried Poet at the 1999 University of Houston-Downtown Poetry Fest.

And, as I’ll never weary of saying, in 1997 I was endorsed as a candidate for the Cincinnati Board of Education by Stonewall Cincinnati, the local AFL-CIO, the Service Employees International Union and the United Auto Workers. 

All this is paying off huge. I’m making big money with this blog.  Big money!

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Time For Greater Compassion For Auto Employees Losing Jobs—The Need For A Program Of Full Employment

We all know that the American auto worker has taken a lot of hits in recent years and months.

It’s not only been auto plant workers. Car dealerships are taking cuts as well.

It’s become part of the routine when these folks lose their jobs, to criticize the American car industry for being out-of-touch with consumers and to criticize auto workers for not seeing the warning signs of trouble. 

These things may be true in some respects. Though we should not forget that much of the criticism of the UAW is coming from the right and what they are objecting to at core is the idea of unions.

We should also note that consumers were in fact buying the big gas-guzzling cars that now seem—to a degree since many people are still buying them and driving them —out of touch with the times. 

In any case, we all know the many issues involved. The point has been made—over and over again— that the auto industry had a large hand in its own troubles.


It’s time for compassion for these folks. Anybody losing his or her job after years on the assembly line is in big trouble. You can’t leave a job like that and make that kind of money again. 

It’s easy to sit behind a keyboard and go on about some other guy’s troubles.  The question now is what are we going to do to help these folks? 

I don’t think anybody has an answer to that question. Just as I don’t think anybody knows what to do with the urban poor and rural poor in our country.  

I question the commitment of President Obama and of the Democratic Congress to really taking on these questions. Doing so would mean addressing some core issues of our economic system, and addressing basic attitudes and stereotypes about people who have not had success in life or who are having a hard time in life.

Our criticism of auto workers seems in some ways meant to absolve ourselves of any oconcern for these people.

Here is a recent article from the Nation Magazine about the need for a program of full employment in our nation.  

From the article—

“The right way to earn our way back to long-term prosperity is through stimulus efforts that will help develop, broadly deploy, fairly compensate and, especially, fully employ our human capital, which will always be our greatest source of national wealth. Only then will we have refired the commercial engines needed to recover from this dismal recession. And only then will we have addressed Americans’ belief that unemployment is by far, with no close second, the most important economic issue facing the country….We need an all-encompassing strategy on the massive scale we used at Normandy to win the war in Europe and that we later had behind the sweeping Marshall Plan to help rebuild Europe’s broken economies. This time, however, our big-thinking strategy must be about creating the 24 million jobs that are missing so that American workers will be nearly fully employed.”

This is the big way we need to be thinking. For all the improvement in our politics and policy with Mr. Obama in office instead of George W. Bush, we are not there yet.

( Blogger’s note—I do not subscribe to The Nation. I buy it on the newstand about once a month. It’s important to realize that seemingly free online content must be paid for by somebody. Please click here to read The Nation and please consider buying it on the newstand or becoming a home suscriber.)

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Another Statue Of James Garfield Attacked In Ohio

A sandstone statue carved in the image of President James A. Garfield is shown Friday, May 15, 2009, on the campus of Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio. Someone has beheaded a statue just a day after it was dedicated Thursday.

A statue of President James Garfield had been beheaded at Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio.

Here is the link for Hiram College.

Above you see a picture of the headless statue.

Here is a report on the issue from the Zanesville Times-Recorder.

Last year this blog reported that I know who spray-painted the anarchy symbol 15 years ago on the statue of James Garfield  in Downtown Cincinnati. Look at the base at the statue and you can still see where the symbol was painted.

It’s crazy. It seems that every 15 years or so someone in Ohio attacks a statue of James Garfield.

What can be done to stop these attacks! In 2024 another one of these monuments may well be assaulted.

Here is very good information about James Garfield. Mr. Garfield was our 20th President. He served only in 1881 because he was both sworn-in and assassinated in that year. 

The link above is from the Miller Center for Public Affairs at the University of Virginia.

From Mr. Garfield’s Miller Center profile—

The youngest of five children born on a poor farm on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio, Garfield is perhaps the poorest man ever to have become President. Supporting himself as a part-time teacher, a carpenter, and even a janitor through college, he was an idealistic young man who identified with the antislavery tenants of the new Republican Party. Garfield studied law on his own and passed the Ohio bar exams in 1861 before throwing himself into politics and winning a seat in the Ohio legislature. Garfield was a loyal Unionist who built a reputation as a Civil War hero that earned him a seat in the House of Representatives without ever having campaigned……Since Garfield was struck down four months into his term, historians can only speculate as to what his presidency might have been like. Garfield was assassinated by Charles Julius Guiteau, an emotionally disturbed man who had failed to gain an appointment in Garfield’s administration. Garfield did have time to appoint his cabinet, however, and in doing so, he refused to cave in to Stalwart pressure, enraging Senator Conkling, who resigned in protest. Had Garfield served his term, historians speculate that he would have been determined to move toward civil service reform and carry on in the clean government tradition of President Hayes. He also supported education for black southerners and called for African American suffrage, as he stressed in his inaugural address. Unfortunately, he is best remembered for his assassination. And although his killer was insane, Garfield’s greatest legacy was the impact of his death on moving the nation to reform government patronage.”

I will say, as much as I like the Miller Center for information about the Presidents,I doubt Mr. Garfield would have done as much for black folks as it is suggested here. Reconstruction-era Presidents talked a good game. But in most cases they did not deliver. 

Here is a useful history of Reconstruction from PBS.

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Panhandle Truth Squad Blog Now Five Years Old


The great Amarillo blog Panhandle Truth Squad is now five years old.

Please click here to read Panhandle Truth Squad.

I’ve not met the guys from Panhandle Truth Squad in person as of yet. And in many ways that’s just as well because I wager they are assholes. I know at the least that I’m a jerk and I just can’t imagine that such a meeting would go well.

Still—Someday I’ll be in Amarillo or PST will visit Houston, and we will meet.  

Panhandle Truth Squad has had more than 115,000 vistors since it began posting. While that’s nothing compared the traffic here at Texas Liberal, it is a number greater than the population of the island nation of Kiribati. Kiribati has roughly 105,000 people.   

Above is a picture of Kiribati. I’d run a picture of Amarillo, Texas, but Amarillo looks just the same as what you see above.

 Here is information about visiting Kiribati.

At five years, PST has existed longer than the life expectancy of the octopus. The octopus is a very intelligent creature, but sadly it only lives for five years at most.

Why Panhandle Truth Squad gets more time on this Earth than the octopus is not clear to me. 

Below is an octopus moving from one tidal pool to another during low tide.

File:Tide pools octopus.jpg

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Manned Missions To Mars And Moon Should Be International


A new administrator for NASA seems to be in the works.

Retired Marine Corps Major General Charles Bolden will be meeting with President Obama today to discuss the post.

General Bolden has flown on the space shuttle four times.

Here is astronaut Bolden’s NASA profile. Above you see his picture.

NASA has plans to go back to the moon and to go to Mars.

I oppose these plans because I feel it costs too much money and because I don’t see any clear reason to send people back to the moon and to Mars.

It could be that the manned space program is at core a giant government jobs program. Okay. I do support government jobs programs.

Yet is it sure will cost a lot of money to send people back to the moon and to Mars. I think that money could be better spent on Earth.

My hope is that if these missions are going to be conducted in any event, that they be as international as possible.

The costs should be spilt between nations and the missions should be flown by an international crew. In fact, there is no reason that an American would have to command these missions or would have to be the first one to take a step on Mars.

I suppose Florida has too many electoral votes for President Obama to go after one of its leading industries. And Democrats have hope of winning Texas some day. The Johnson Space Center is in Texas.

I’m certain NASA has contractors all over the country who are eager for new and expensive missions to the moon, Mars and to the center of the galaxy if that were possible.   


Still, we can move past a global space race and move towards cooperation. The advance of peaceful global cooperation would give taxpayers around the globe a more certain return on their money than the nationalistic pursuit of glory for no clear purpose other than that of national glory.

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Strong Victory For Center-Left Congress Party In India—World’s Two Largest Democracies Now Firmly Reject Conservatives

The center-left Congress Party of India appears headed to a second term as the main ruling party of India.

Congress has gained seats in the Indian parliament. While they have not won a majority of seats, no party has won a majority in recent elections, Congress has done better than expected and should easily be able to form a government.  

Here is a link to a series of article in the BBC that explains what is taking place.

Losing out the main party of the right–the BJP–and a coalition of leftist parties called the Third Front. Some regional caste- based parties also fared poorly.

While I’m often sympathetic to parties firmly on the left in contrast to a more center-left outlook, India seems well-served by a strong center-left ruling party instead of a more fragmented  and regionally based coalition in national power.   

The BJP is a nasty bunch. The BJP sees Indian nationhood as defined by being Hindu and by conflict with India’s Muslim minority. Congress has it’s own problems of corruption–as do all Indian parties— and of inaction when in power. But Congress has a broader outlook of Indian nationhood based on a person simply living in India as an Indian citizen. 

The hope is that a Congress Party with a stronger presence in parliament will be able to act in a more decisive manner. Voters in India clearly wanted a more national approach to India-wide public policy. 

It is excellent that conservatives have been so firmly rejected in the world’s two largest democracies. In both India and the United States, a clear direction has been set away from narrow prejudices and towards an open and inclusive view of who counts as a person. This open view includes a belief that the state has a clear role in guiding the economy and in helping to make sure that as many people as possible have a shot at a decent life.      

Here is the Times of India on the election

Here is the election as reported by the World Sikh News. The Prime Minister of India is a Sikh.

When voting in India began—it takes a few weeks to vote in such a large country–I wrote a post offering an overview of the Indian election. Below is that post—

File:Tierecke tripura1.jpg

Voting in India has begun for national elections. Voting will take place until May 13. Different parts of the country vote at different times. With over 700 million eligible voters, you’ve got to figure out a way to make it work. 380 million people voted in the last election in 2004. 

( Above–A scene from the Indian State of Tripura.)

More than 1.1 billion people live in India. The capital is New Delhi. India is divided into 28 states and 7 territories. India has been an independent nation since 1947. There are over 800 million Hindus in India and almost 140 million Muslims. Here are more facts about India.   

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Texas Progressive Alliance Blog Round-Up With Bat Photo


Below is the most recent Texas Progressive Alliance blog round-up—

The photo above is of the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat. This bat is the state flying mammal of Texas. Here is information about this creature.

The round-up—

The city of DISH, TX is one of several municipalities that have already adopted a resolution calling for the repeal of Big Oil’s exemption to the Safe Drinking Water Act. TXsharon gives DISH a high-five and hopes your group, organization, club, city or county will do the same, at Bluedaze.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme is glad the internets have Texas Progressive Alliance! The Republicans have their house of cards and a batsh*t crazy base.

BossKitty at TruthHugger sees danger in the watered down, dumbed down attempt to educate students by committee. Sanitized History, Truth or Consequences is an example of why education needs serious attention.

Houston political reporter Jane Ely passed away this week. PDiddie collected some recollections of her life at Brains and Eggs.
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Iceland Elects Openly Gay Prime Minister

File:Johanna sigurdardottir official portrait trim.jpg

Iceland has elected the world’s first openly gay leader. 

Prime Minister Johnanna Sigurdardottir is gay.

She also has a last name with 14 letters.  

Above you see a picture of Prime Minister Sigurdardottir.

Here is some information about Prime Minister Sigurdardottir from a London Times article— 

….a historic milestone for the gay and lesbian community worldwide. She lives with a journalist, Jonina Leosdottir, with whom she was joined in a 2002 civil partnership, and has two sons from a previous marriage. It is also a significant personal triumph for a politician who managed to retain, and even increase, her popularity while much of Iceland’s political class were pilloried over the financial crisis engulfing the country. …The new leader is known for allocating generous amounts of public funding to help the disabled, the elderly and organisations tackling domestic violence, and she is seen by many as a unifying character capable of solving tensions in Iceland….After acting as a union organiser when she worked as a flight attendant for Loftleidir Airlines, now Icelandair, in the 1960s and 1970s, Ms Sigurdardottir was elected to Iceland’s parliament in 1978. She served as social affairs minister from 1987-1994 and again from 2007.

Here is a web site about Iceland with many good facts and pictures. 

Please click here for a report on the election from the Seattle Gay News.  

It is true that Seattle, with a population of 582,000, has more people than does Iceland. Iceland has 304,000 people.

No matter—Iceland is a nation and Seattle is only a city.

(Below–Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik. Here is information on visiting Reykjavik. ) 

File:Reykjavík séð úr Hallgrímskirkju.jpeg

Prime Minster Sigurdardottir was appointed to her post last February after the collapse of Iceland’s economy led to the demise of Iceland’s right -of-center government. The main issue in Iceland is the impact of the global financial collapse. Iceland took a big hit last year and there were large street protests.  Please click here to read about economic and political troubles in Iceland.

Prime Minister Sigudardottir’s Social Democrats won 20 seats in the 63 member parliament in the April 25 election. The Greens won 14 seats. A coalition government was formed.

The Icelandic parliament is called the Althing. It literally means the “all-thing” of Iceland. It can trace it roots back to the year 930. Here is the web home of the Althing. 

It seems that for many years the Althing met on the big rock you see drawn below. The Speaker would sit on a high point of the rock.

File:Law speaker.jpg

Should they meet, will Prime Minster Sigudardottir ask President Barack Obama why he opposes gay marriage?

It is excellent that we are making progress and that we are seeing world leaders that are more like the people they represent.

Yet progress is still far away in many nations. ( Including the United States in a number of respects.) Here is a link to Global Voices where you can read about issues of gay rights around the world.   

(  Below–An Icelandic Horse.  This breed was developed in Iceland.


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Pictures Of Old Time North Dakota—North Dakota Facts

Image, Source:

Above is a picture of a peddler in North Dakota. The picture was taken in the first decade of the 20th Century.

The picture is from the American Memory Project of the Library of Congress.

Here is how the picture is described— 

Man by horse-drawn buggy displaying photographs to woman. Displayed on ground, on buggy and on horse are mounted photographs. Behind is a tar-paper house. In back of buggy is an open wood chest with the initials “J.V.H.” on side.

The photo may have been taken by a Job. V. Harrison of Rock lake, North Dakota.

Please click here for all the information available about this picture

The picture comes from a larger set of photos about the Northern Great Plains between 1880 and 1920.   

The collection is offered by the Institute for Regional Studies at the North Dakota State University.

Here is a link for Rock Lake, North Dakota.  Rock Lake is a small town that has a lake and is near the Canadian border.

Here is the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Here are some basic facts about today’s North Dakota–

Area, 70,665 sq mi (183,022 sq km). Pop. (2000) 642,200, a 0.5% increase from 1990 pop. Capital, Bismarck. Largest city, Fargo. Statehood, Nov. 2, 1889 (39th state), simultaneously with South Dakota. Highest pt., White Butte, 3,506 ft (1,069 m); lowest pt., Red River, 750 ft (229 m). Nicknames,Sioux State; Flickertail State. Motto, Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable. State bird, Western meadowlark. State flower, wild prairie rose. State tree, American elm. Abbr.,N.Dak.; ND

Here is a link to a post I made earlier this year about President Obama’s policy for rural America.

Here is a link to a history of North Dakota. If you go this link you will find a lot easily accessible information about North Dakota. 

I have never visited North Dakota. I hope I will get the chance to do so some day. There are many different places to live and ways to live. I wish I knew more about things other than where and how I live. 

North Dakota seems so out of the way. Not out of the way to the people who live there. But just out of the way to anywhere I have visited or feel that I am likely to visit. Still–Someday I feel I’ll make it to North Dakota. I never thought I’d see Wyoming and I went there once. You never know where life will take you.  

Below is another picture of old time North Dakota. The picture was taken between 1900 and 1909. 

Here is how the picture is described—

Four women out of doors by log cabin. Two are seated at a table set with teapots and dishes. An elderly woman is standing behind them with a tin or a box in her hands. Another woman is standing to one side of the picture. Trees, a garden, and a rock pile are visible. A barrel, a bucket, and a wash tub are against the cabin. Likely taken in North Dakota.

Image, Source: black & white

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